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Retail Management

We are inspirational leaders, ready to lead our teams & showrooms and make our future goals a reality.

Sales Consultants

We are the face of Watches of Switzerland Group and every client’s first port of call. We share our passion and knowledge to create memorable client experiences.


It’s our job to make sure the showroom runs efficiently with an eye for detail, excellent interpersonal skills and a passion for engaging clients.


We create a relaxed and inclusive in-showroom experience, and we support clients through their journey making them feel at home whilst visiting.

Our Stories

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Anu Khalifah

Boutique Manager, Breitling Leicester

“I have worked in Retail for over 16 years but joining WoSG in 2019 was my first time working within the luxury watch & jewellery industry.”

“During my time within the business, I have been extremely lucky to not only have supported many stores across different regions, but also progressed within the business across two Goldsmiths & Mono Brand Boutiques.

I started as Store Manager for Goldsmiths and within 12 months, I progressed to Deputy Manager in one of our luxury Goldsmiths Rolex showrooms in Leicester. In 2023, I was then promoted to Store Manager in our Mono Brand division for the Breitling Boutique in Leicester.

Watches of Switzerland Group provides endless opportunities within the business to grow, support & develop. Career progression & development is something I look for within a role and in fact it was one of the main reasons I joined WoSG to begin with. The employee development programme for myself has been incredible due to the support from L&D and senior leaders within the business.”

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Mike Chapman

Showroom Manager, Watches of Switzerland Cardiff

“I was an Infantry Soldier in the British Army for six years. I served on tours in Iraq and Afghanistan along with conducting training across the world before I began my career in Watches of Switzerland as a security guard in 2013.”

“Three years later in 2016, I joined the group as part time Sales Consultant, which worked well for me as I was also running my own window cleaning business. I was then promoted to Deputy Manager in April 2017 of Watches of Switzerland Cardiff. I sold my window cleaning business and began the new career path.

In 2020 I became the Showroom Manager of Watches of Switzerland in Cardiff.

This was a completely new role for me. I had experience of selling my window cleaning services door-to-door and had observed how the team worked through my time as security guard in the showroom. I noted their great practices and also noted the opportunities I seen for them to reach their goals.

The support from the company is excellent, my Line Manager is a great coach and always talks challenges and opportunities through with me, he has been honest and supportive for the five years I have worked with him. I have been given opportunities to help with new showroom openings incl. Bristol and London - In 2018, I was invited to New York for one month to help train the American team all about WoS and our DNA. ”

Who We Are 3

Kerrie Anne Sands

Showroom Manager, Goldsmiths Belfast

“I joined Goldsmiths in May 2023 as a Showroom Manager. Prior to joining I had worked in retail, but within fashion and cosmetics for a little over 25 years and I loved every minute! Most recently I worked for a cosmetics brand as Area Manager in Ireland but found I missed the interaction with clients, so I looked for opportunities in store again. ”

“Honestly, the move from Fashion to Luxury Jewellery and Watches has been a learning experience, but the training was a very welcome surprise. During most interviews an employer will always tell you about the training and support you will be given but that doesn't always translate into practice however, with Goldsmiths it really did – the investment into training is 2nd to none.

Communication is always open and encouraged supporting managers and sales consultants, everyone at every level is open & honest, and my line manager as always given me the tools to grow into my role, with guidance that leads to success.

From day 1 I have felt welcomed and supported and without a doubt WoSG is a kind and caring place to work. I have worked in retail for many years, so I understand what it takes to run a business and the expectations to succeed and with WoSG that is still important and worked towards, but the people matter.

Watching the business grow and change is very inspiring to see, even with the current market we are still investing in showrooms and people. I have seen changes to induction process, been involved in the careers site project and had the pleasure of visiting the Head Office, Carlton Park which is the very heart of the business, and every aspect of Carlton Park reflects that. ”