Watch Service Centres

We are home to more accredited watchmakers than any other UK retailer! Our purpose-built Watch Service Centres offer spacious workshops, cutting edge equipment and teams of experts.


We carry out tasks including the disassembly of the watch, cleaning and oiling of working parts, replacement of worn and damaged parts, ultra-sonic cleaning and polishing of the case and bracelet. We then regulate, re-assemble and test the watches timekeeping and power reserve.

Watch Technician

We assist watchmakers in production usually by running diagnostics, preparing and de-casing the watch allowing the watchmaker to focus on the servicing. We also help with tasks such as picking parts and performing final checks on the watch such as timing test and making sure the watch is operating within the tolerances set by the manufacturer.


We work with Swiss brand specifications and ensure the highest level of quality is delivered every time. We are responsible for finishing watch cases and bracelets after they have been repaired by the wider team.


We play a key role in the success of our Service Centres. We deliver excellent customer service to everyone we meet and ensure all areas of administration are kept in line with company procedures.